GLOBALFOUNDRIES in TSMC napovedujejo reševanje globalnih sporov s patentnim navzkrižnim licenciranjem

GLOBALFOUNDRIES (GF) and TSMC today announced they are dismissing all litigation between them as well as those that involve any of their customers. The companies have agreed to a broad life-of-patents cross-license to each other's worldwide existing semiconductor patents as well as those patents that will be filed during the next ten years as both companies continue to invest significantly in semiconductor research and development. This resolution guarantees GF and TSMC freedom to operate and ensures that their respective customers will continue to have access to each foundry's complete array of technologies and services.

„Veseli smo, da smo hitro dosegli to poravnavo, ki priznava moč naše intelektualne lastnine. Današnja objava omogoča, da se obe naši podjetji osredotočita na inovacije in bolje služimo strankam po vsem svetu, 'je dejal Thomas Caulfield, izvršni direktor GF. „Ta sporazum med GF in TSMC zagotavlja GF-jevo sposobnost rasti in je zmaga za celotno industrijo polprevodnikov, ki je jedro današnjega svetovnega gospodarstva.“ 'The semiconductor industry has always been highly competitive, driving the players to pursue innovation that enriched the lives of millions of people around the world. TSMC has invested tens of billions of dollars towards innovation to reach our leading position today,' said Sylvia Fang, General Counsel for TSMC. 'The resolution is a positive development that keeps our focus on advancing the needs of our customers for technologies that will continue to bring innovation to life, enabling the entire semiconductor industry to thrive and prosper.'