Monster Hunter: Svet dobi posodobitev teksturnega paketa z visoko ločljivostjo

Capcom's 'Monster Hunter: World' opened to generally positive reviews on the backs of strong gameplay mechanics, inventory system, and an addictive yet simple RPG quest, although we found it falling slightly short in the eye-candy department, as its visuals and texture-quality felt dated and a good 3-5 years behind what's considered cutting-edge today. Capcom alleviated some of this criticism by releasing a free and optional high-resolution texture pack for the game. The 'High Resolution Textures Pack' is an optional feature-update that adds not just significantly higher resolution textures for the game, but also the new 'TAA+FXAA' anti-aliasing mode under graphics settings. Rock Paper Shotgun comments that it has also observed some refinements in some of the visual effects. You can get the update from the 'DLC' section of your game's Steam page, or this page.

Source: Rock Paper Shotgun